What to Keep and What Not to Keep…

What to Keep and What Not to Keep…

When I started minimalism, the biggest issue, I faced was how do you classify what is clutter and what is a necessity. Minimalism says choose items that has higher utilitarian purpose but my heart had something else in mind.

In my heart I felt that furniture were a necessity. A couple of side tables were arguably required for decorative purpose even though hardly served any practical purpose. It was challenging to stop myself from owning more than required. I justified by stating that guests had to made comfortable and so on so forth.

Then something happened. I had to move cities. I sold off my possessions and moved to a new city. I got busy trying to find projects and used it as an excuse to keep postponing buying stuff for the house. I had a bed, a few kitchen appliances and basic cooking utensils.

I had to make do with whatever I had and make the house look like a “Home”, so I used my creativity and threw a few cushions on the floor and that was my dining / lounging / comfy room. At times, I would drag my mattress and lay it on the floor. It worked well. I stayed there for more than a year, even hosted guests. It had become a kind of den. Also, it was easy to maintain the house, keep it clean and organize.

And soon I found answer to my question.

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