Discovering Self

Discovering Self

I attempted this Personality Assessment Report from Afreen Khan Coaching, which revealed I am a REFORMER.

The report categorizes personalities into five states ranging from very positive to destructive. It appears that my tendencies lean towards the Good and Average States, which is a favorable outcome.

Reformers epitomize integrity in action, marked by a strong sense of right and wrong, a commitment to integrity, and a drive to improve the world. These qualities resonate with me deeply. Throughout my life, I’ve strived to uphold what’s right, even when if it’s not always easy.

I derive my sense of self from being reasonable, conscientious, self-controlled. Whatever I do I do it to the best of my ability with high standards of professionalism, competence, principle, honesty, and integrity. I’m hardworking, self disciplined and strive for excellence at all times. I set long term goals and patiently work towards them often delaying gratification and sacrificing rewards for myself in the short term.

I am not without my flaws. I’m highly opinionated idealist often thinking that my moral beliefs are superior to others’. I think it’s my job to instill wisdom in the ignorant and show others how to live righteously. I tend to be chronically dissatisfied with reality and with people who don’t live up to my ideal of perfection. I don’t realize that my subconscious beliefs reinforce my life experiences and perpetuate my frustrations.

When confronted with advice, even if partially accurate, I’m prone to react defensively, asserting my moral high ground. I also hold the conviction that I know what’s best for others and that they need my guidance. I can seem judgmental and have a sense of moral superiority, which may cause others not to listen to my good advice.

I often get angry at others’ indifference to my efforts and hard work. I can be very vocal and convinced that my views are the right and objective ones, and that others need to shape up and see the errors of their ways.

During periods of heightened stress, which are not uncommon for me, I intensify my efforts to control my emotions and impulses. This heightened control can lead me to appear sensitive, restrained, puritanical, and overly critical.

While I possess admirable qualities such as a commitment to integrity and a pursuit of excellence, I acknowledge my tendencies towards moral superiority and an inclination to control situations. Striking a balance between constructive self-improvement and understanding others’ perspectives will be my ongoing endeavor.

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