A Day of Detours and Adventures

A Day of Detours and Adventures

Ever had those days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? You know, the kind where you feel like you’re in for a series of unfortunate events?

I had an appointment scheduled with my doctor at her clinic. She decided to shake things up and move her practice back to her old clinic because of some fancy renovations happening in the new one.

So there I was, thinking I had everything under control, with my appointment neatly slotted in at 12:30 in the afternoon. Seemed like a reasonable time, right? But of course, life had other plans. I ended up leaving my place later than intended – you know, life just doing its thing. And to add some spice to the mix, my trusty sidekick Google Maps decided that it was the perfect moment to take a coffee break. Classic, right?

I had been to the old clinic ages ago, but it was like my memory had pulled a disappearing act. I drove around in circles like a lost puppy, trying to jog my memory and find that darn clinic. And, in the midst of all this, I even found time to ponder the mysteries of life while staring at the residential apartments, the ironing booths, the tailor, the small shops. Yep, life’s peculiar sense of humor.

If it was the old me, I would’ve probably been a bundle of nerves, pointing fingers at the universe and anyone remotely related to my tardy arrival. But the new and improved me? Well, I had to give myself a little reality check and snap back to the task at hand – getting to that clinic.

Finally I made it to the clinic, but the patient ahead of me decided to be in a chatty mode. A 40-minute conversation, to be exact he had with the doctor.

Finally, the heavens smiled upon me, and it was my turn to meet the doctor. Little did I know, the trials and tribulations were far from over. It seemed like the clinic staff had taken inspiration from the slowest sloth in existence. Getting my hands on those precious medicines felt like a mission impossible.

All in all, what was supposed to be a straightforward doctor’s appointment turned into a saga of wrong turns, forgotten addresses, and a treasure hunt for medication. If this adventure taught me anything, it’s that life has a knack for turning even the most ordinary days into a wild rollercoaster ride.

And you know what? It wasn’t the first time my day had a rocky start. But here’s the twist: my new attitude of detachment made it all feel like just another day in the life. No dwelling, no brooding – just a smooth move forward.

“Life is a journey that’s never quite as planned, but it’s our attitude that turns detours into


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