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Thanks for being here!

Whether you dropped by intentionally or perhaps accidentally, let’s thank the webbed algorithms that conspired to bring you here!

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In here, I share my experiences as I evolve in both professional (as an Instructional Designer cum Yoga Encourager) and personal (as a Spiritual Traveler) spheres. You will find learning theories, instructional design models, minimalism tips, affirmations, meditations, and more.  Although I have categorized them into distinct spheres, they are deeply interconnected. The knowledge from one sphere helps me to be better in my other spheres.

I hope my words (through this website) act as a resource or a beacon for you as you embark or continue along your life’s journey. Get ready to FORM wisdom using the INFORMation shared and enable TRANSFORMation of self – Let’s learnandrise!

(Psst…I initially entrusted “experts” to craft my website, but their proficiency was far from expert. Hence, I’ve chosen to seize control and navigate this path myself. I’ve set forth on a quest to conquer WordPress, with the intent of constructing the website from scratch. My expertise lies in writing, yet I’m embracing the developmental challenge. Your patience and support during this phase are greatly appreciated as I work to bring you an improved online experience. Thank you for being understanding and for joining me on this adventure. )