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Learning Experience Designer

Close to 23 years of experience delivering client-centric, cost-effective, and intuitive learning solutions to large-scale global organizations across ITES and IT, Banking and Financials, Telecom, Strategy & Consulting, Automobile, Education, and Healthcare sectors.
Designed and Implemented Interventions for - Product Release| New Hire | Certification | Leadership Development | Continuing Program Education (CPE) | Technical and Performance Support Solutions [(v)ILTs / Microlearning / mLearning / Social-Collaborative / Hybrid / Blended / Experiential/Simulations and Virtual Labs]
Your secret weapon in presentation success.

Presentation Specialist

Close to 9 years of experience in re-vamping slides and crafting high-quality presentations catering to global Not for Profits and Startups.

Collaborated closely with leadership and various business units to analyse requirements and create presentations | Corporate | Sales and Marketing | Training and Educational | Financial | Conference and Event | Investor Pitch | Product | Customized Presentations
Your catalyst for brand success.

Logo Analyst

Originating as a hobby that transformed into a profession, analysing logos using the semiotic (signs and symbols) and graphology (letter formation) perspectives for various organizations in different sectors.

Specialization lies in providing insights into how logos can convey the desired messages, accurately represent brand values, and establish a simplified symbolic connection with the target audience.

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