Never Quit, You are a Survivor, Warrior, Conqueror

Never Quit, You are a Survivor, Warrior, Conqueror

Not everyone in life has someone to place a comforting hand on their head and assure them, “Everything will be okay.” Sometimes, we are left to face challenges and struggles by ourselves. But here’s the truth: Whatever may come, remember you are more resilient than you give yourself credit for, and you can overcome anything that comes your way. Despite being battered and bruised, you will overcome and survive.

David Goggins introduced us to the cookie jar philosophy—a powerful tool for transformation, reminding us of our own strength. Fill your cookie jar with memories of the difficult times you have endured against all odds. Let it serve as a reminder of your true essence.

In my cookie jar, I keep moments of pain and suffering, revisiting them to remind myself that even the toughest challenges eventually pass. Despite the seriousness of the situation or the physical ailment, those dismissive statements like “She’s fine”, “She’s a chicken who can’t handle cold”, “She’s just exaggerating” or “Nothing is wrong, our problem is bigger than hers”, “She’s single, what issues will she have?”, and more in my jar. They remind me how I managed multiple high fevers on my own without any support, suffered through severe migraines and even attended dinner parties with no comforting words, persevered through pain while caring for able-bodied and lazy others.

The cookie jar is my source of inspiration and motivation, reminding me that I don’t need someone to hold my hand when God is already holding mine. When I feel low or on the verge of giving up, I remind myself, this is nothing as compared to what you went through and if it is more challenging then I remind myself you are stronger than you think you are.

I am grateful for the challenges I have faced, because they have made me who I am today. I am a survivor. I am a warrior. I am a conqueror.

Now, is the time to stop being a lonely deer, endlessly seeking well-wishers. It’s

time to transform into a solitary eagle, soaring high in the sky.


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