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Trust and Let Go

While pursuing both Yoga and Mission Minimalism, I realized the ask of both is same – trust and let go. I always struggled with letting go. I wanted to control the outcome of everything.

And then one day, I decided to believe in the workings of the supreme being and just let go. Thus began my “Worry List”. It’s nothing but a calendar reminder for me to start worrying about something. I use the Keep Notes App because it syncs with both laptop and phone.

I realized that too many things at a time overwhelms me and I cannot handle the stress. So, what I do is at any given point of time or day, any thing or multiple things that stresses me out, I note them into the App. Then I take a breather and figure out by when can I put it off. (Not deal with it). I add a reminder of that time.

Here’s how it works:

So, my project submission has to happen tomorrow, the bathroom faucets are leaking, the groceries need to be bought, and at the end of the month I have to give notice to my landlord and then search for a house. Everything bombards my mind at the same time and I start to think about tasks that I need to do such as packing, house hunting….. All I need to do is take a breather. Pause and note down these tasks into my Keep Notes. The notice to my landlord will happen at the end of the month and I still have 2 weeks to go. So, I add a reminder for end of month and along with add all reminders to pack/house hunt post that. I can skip worrying about till that day.

The veggie shopping I can easily postpone till tomorrow as I can use the available grocery. In fact, I just realized I can make do till day after tomorrow. So, the reminder is set for day after tomorrow. The bathroom faucets I close the faucet’s source and then book the plumber. Again set the reminder of when the plumber would arrive. 3 down 1 more to go. Since the worrying has been pushed out for later time, I focus all my energies on Project submission.

Surprisingly the next day, I received a basket of veggies from my friend’s place as they planned to go travelling and didn’t want the veggies to get wasted. I go to Keep and push out the date of grocery to end of week. Things start to work.

As a freelancer, there are times when I am in between projects and may not have earnings that week/month. I use my “Worry List” to remind myself of when I can start to worry about the finances. And many times, when the reminder pops up, I simply laugh it off as the problem is non existent. And am grateful that I didn’t invest time to worry about it.

I trust and am ready to let it go.