Lost and Found

Lost and Found

When we observe waves crashing over the beach, it may seem like the beach remains unchanged to the naked eye. However, something does shift in that moment. Yet, it is only when we revisit the beach after a significant period, perhaps even decades, that we truly notice the alterations that have taken place.

Similarly, in life, we often go through changes and transitions without fully realizing the losses or shifts that accompany them. During times of excitement or emotional turmoil, we may be so caught up in the moment that we fail to recognize what we have left behind or where we have ended up. It is only when we pause to reflect and celebrate our achievements that we also come face to face with the trade-offs we had to make to reach those milestones. On such occasions, we may find ourselves sitting down and grieving for what we have lost along the way.

So, do you desire to alter the course of your own story?

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