How it all began!

How it all began!

So, how the minimalism journey began. The seed was sown when I did my 101s in 1001 days with Embrace Minimalism as an item which I never really attempted. The real turning point was another item – Travel for more than 2 weeks with a cabin size suitcase. So off I went for a month-long trip abroad and survived with just 2 laundromat trips. The best part was the ease with which I could handle my luggage and less space meant less shopping, a big money saver. And I found a new life purpose – Mission Minimalism.

Tackled the stationery stash. I had a dozen pencils, pens, and other items that I had never used. It was hard to let go of them. Giving up made me feel as if I was losing something. A mere pencil that didn’t hold any value or meaning to my life yet was so difficult to part with. Finally, I convinced myself that I didn’t need them. I donated the extras to my maid’s kids. And the threshold was crossed. I shifted to books, wardrobes, toiletries, food items, and even digital world.

I started with a simple rule, if I didn’t use any item for a year (all seasons) it meant it’s time for it to find a new home.

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