Hello! Who Are You?

Hello! Who Are You?

You bump into a stranger, and they ask…

Do you have kids?
No (Smile)

Are you married?
No (Smile)

Do you have a job?
No (Smile)

How old are you?
40 (Smile)

Next what? What do you want to know? Run out of questions?

Do you know who you are? Not the marital or familial status – (mother/Son/Spouse) or a professional designation but WHO YOU really ARE?

I bump into a stranger. A big smile. I don’t care about the names, professional status, marital or familial status. My questions or rather pointers are:

. Did you see that tiny bird hopping there?
. Did you see the little one walking with his toy rabbit?
. Did you see how crowded this place is and yet the kids are so carefree?
. Did you notice the colour of the bag the lady is carrying. It reminds me of peacock. Ugh where? Over there!
Even if there is no response, there’s always a satisfied grin. And if there’s a response, you don’t need to know the name or designation or relationship status to befriend someone.

If this has reminded you about the Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, that’s my favorite book and an inspiration in my life.

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