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My on and off Journey!

I was 40 when I suddenly decided it’s time to do something seriously about my health. I had become extremely thin and didn’t have any strength or stamina. I tried various sports activities, but I miserably failed because I couldn’t take the pain. I discontinued.

Finally, I got into yoga. But again after a few weeks, it became too intense for me and I quit!

That’s when I read an article. It talked about a former model who was diagnosed with cancer and got introduced to yoga as part of therapy. She shared her experience with yoga and talked how difficult it was her to get into a seemingly easy pose. She said the true meaning of yoga meant – you are doing something for yourself – your only competitor is you. It requires immense patience and dedication. It might take days, weeks, or years to perfect a pose. Celebrate even if you have done better than yesterday, it doesn’t matter if it’s a mere 0.1 mm improvement today.

I took her advice to heart. And then it has been no looking back. I don’t care what others think of me. I just reached the yoga studio, laid my mat, and then it was just me and the mat. Soon I started to show real visible improvements. Finally, I decided it’s time for the next step!

Being from a learning and development background, I consider it an occupational hazard that i need to understand in depth the mechanics of almost everything. Professionally learning how to learn is what I do and it trickles down to my personal life too.

After contemplating for more than a year, I finally took the leap of faith to participate in an intensive month-long yoga course to deepen and discipline my practice. I was extremely anxious and apprehensive when I embarked to the mountains. But with support and blessings of my family I started my journey. And now in retrospect, I think it was the best decision of my life.

The program is really intense for someone like me who is not much into physical activity. Moreover it was difficult and challenging to let go off the fear of failure and getting hurt. But i realized it was not impossible. And that was the learning.

I have never encountered such beautiful, compassionate and kind souls who despite not being a family member treats you like one. It was a very emotional journey but worth a fortune. A true spiritual lesson in progress to evolve not just mind and body but even the soul.

A lot of self realizations and changes happened within me which I find it hard to express in words. But it all culminates to my favorite quote:

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

Bhagawat Gita

My personal journey was a bit arduous both mentally and physically, but it’s just the beginning. Yet, I would highly recommend to anyone who would like to embark on a self exploration journey.