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Lexical Symphony Series

    As a passionate advocate for effective learning experiences, I’ve observed a concerning trend that’s inadvertently eroding the very essence of our craft: the casual interchangeable of terms with distinct meanings.

    The digital age has flooded us with resources, both enlightening and misleading. While the internet is a treasure trove of information, it’s important to remember that it can also perpetuate misguided practices.

    I ranted how I had to grapple with the challenges of upholding accurate terminology while meeting subjective preferences on my LinkedIn too.

    Here are a few terminologies that you need to have clarity on as an Instructional Designer which will help you navigate the interchange of verbal landscape.

    Gamified Learning vs Game-Based Learning

    Gamified learning and game-based learning are popular instructional strategies in Instructional Designing. Both approaches use game elements to engage learners and motivate them to learn. However, there are some key...
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