Learning Theory Series

As Instructional Designers, we are bombarded with these phrases. Even though we understand the value of each phrase, we struggle with how to apply them. To be able to apply, we can begin with understanding how learning works.

Be learner-centric!

Keep the learners first always!

The workings are explained using Learning Theories. These theories are not just any random piece of information, but philosophies about how learning works based on research.

Learning Theory: A set of principles that describes how learners receive, process, and retain knowledge during learning and impact of internal and external influences.

The first three theories namely, BehaviorismCognitivism, and Constructivism forms the basis of all learning theories. The remaining two theories Connectivism and Humanism are related to Cognitivism and Constructivism respectively.

Once you have mastered these five learning theories, you may proceed and read more about additional learning theories including transformative, social, and experiential. (Everything is available on the Web).


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