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Instructional Designer

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“Choose a job you LOVE, and you will NEVER have to WORK
a day in your life.”

Although, I am an accidental Instructional Designer, it seems to be my calling. I love the thrill of unravelling chaotic information that comes in varied formats into a well-designed course in the most optimal format to enable learning.

It’s a very consuming field, yet, I always get invigorated when I dive into the different contents (such flying an aircraft, or learning how to make presentations, or how to use a system….). My goal is not to become an expert in each of these areas, but to understand them well enough to break them down into bite-sized chunks for learners.

Here I choose to talk about Learning theories, models and more, which forms the foundation of Instructional Designing.

Learning Theory Series

Be learner-centric! Keep the learners first always! As Instructional Designers, we are bombarded with these phrases. Even though we understand the value

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Content Types Series

Way back, when I started my career, I was taught about content types. It stuck with me for the value

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Instructional Design Models

Before we take a look at the Models, let’s revisit what we covered earlier – learning theories, content types, and

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Designing Learning Experiences

We have covered a lot of theory, let’s move to now understand how to apply our learnings. Before we proceed

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Ready to Begin An ID Career

Becoming an instructional designer takes time and dedication, but it can be a rewarding career for those who enjoy designing

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Introduction to Visualization

As an instructional designer, you already know how powerful visuals can be when it comes to conveying information and captivating

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Lexical Symphony Series

As a passionate advocate for effective learning experiences, I’ve observed a concerning trend that’s inadvertently eroding the very essence of

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As a Mentor, I offer personalized “Fly” Mentoring sessions to aspiring Instructional Designers, or individuals transitioning to an ID role or creating an ID portfolio or learning or applying new ID strategies and models or acquiring knowledge of curriculum designing, or migrating to a new industry sector and more. All sessions are 1-1 personalized and customized along with placement assistance for specific roles. If interested fill out this form.