Content Type #3: Principle

Dictionary meaning of principle is any underlying or guiding theory or general belief, or a rule or law concerning a natural phenomenon or the behavior of a system or rule of personal conduct, a set of such moral rules or a fundamental or general truth or law or philosophy or scientific laws which explain how something happens or works.

Generally instead of simply memorizing a principle, a learner needs to learn to distinguish, assess, criticize, evaluate, or judge based on the guidelines or the guiding principles. This means that learners need to understand and apply abstract ideas.

Recall the learning theories we looked into that emphasized on the role of constructing own understanding in learning – Constructivism. This theory suggests that learners construct their own understanding through their interactions with the environment and their prior knowledge.

As an ID, to enable learning of principles use strategies such as Problem-based learning. Learners are presented with a real-world problem or challenge and appropriate tasks are created to encourage them to apply their knowledge and skills to find a solution. The learners will understand the relevance and application of the principle.

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